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About Us

Since 2017, as an early pioneer in providing online foreign exchange transactions in Central America, BAYBANNFA is an international investment and asset management company specializing in foreign exchange investment management. BAYBANNFA is registered in the states of Belize, New York, Colorado, and California; it also has the US NFA and Canada MSB licenses.

Our international professional traders have more than 10 years of experience, and we actively participate in providing consulting services to financial institutions. BAYBANNFA trades and manages investment accounts in the foreign exchange market (FOREX), with more than hundreds of thousands of active customers worldwide.

Manage assets for customers in 60 countries

BAYBANNFA conducts business in many countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Southeast Asia, and has branches in more than 60 regions.

Our trustworthy DB Prospectivus is awarded the strict regulator of the National Futures Association (NFA). Fund security is always our highest priority. We ensure that all funds received from customers are deposited in the bank and used by the Australian Fund Trust (YOUCANTRUST) as the trust backing.

Our strategy

We are committed to achieving long-term capital preservation and capital growth, using genetic algorithms based on artificial intelligence; identifying and using every opportunity to achieve better than average results by making strategic investment decisions with potential for returns. Prudent risk management has always been the core of our investment philosophy and decision-making process.

BAYBANNFA is committed to integrating its advanced business practices and powerful intelligent technical resources, Provide customers with more professional and effective foreign exchange trading strategies.

Trading Platform

Use Artificial Intelligence and Quantitative analysis to Predict market movements with high accuracy up to 89% Market always changes and not all different patterns works well in all conditions, so we found the solution to profit from the market by using the power of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) Algorithms.

With over 10 years of experience in FX and stock markets we developed Quantitative analysis algorithms that can learn from past market movements and adapt to market changes in the future to avoid false patterns and predict future market movements with high accuracy up to 89%.


As the "Artificial Intelligence Trading” pioneer, we provide a fully automated software as a service for Forex, CFDs, spots and others.
BAYBANNFA fully automated AI trading has three “engines”: a strategy engine that observes and analyses potential trades; an order engine that creates orders and performs operational actions; and a logical engine that handles active orders and uses machine learning to improve its performance.


“When the game gets tough, change the game. If you can’t win the game, change the rules.”

Artificial Intelligence is to trading, what fire was to the cavemen, it changes everything and disrupts the performance of traditional trading platforms.

Simply put, our AI trading service is the machine intelligence that automates trend observations, sentiment analysis and pattern recognition. It takes action based on embedded advanced algorithms, risk intelligence and machine learning that controls risk and secures profits – faster than humans ever could. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning redefines the risk rules in trading.

Platform Download

Platform Download